Jereh Empowers Well Production with Innovative Fracturing Solutions at OTC 2018

Houston/May 2nd, 2018/At OTC 2018, Jereh showcased its innovative fracturing solutions and a series of exhibits, examples for efficient oil and gas exploration and production. Global practices illustrate how companies can improve performance and reduce risk with individual solutions – through greater efficiency, quality and safety. Also the flow control products on display demonstrated how customers can benefit from the industrialized and lean manufacturing.

Jereh booth at OTC 2018

OPEC's efforts to limit production globally and a decision by the United States to start exporting its own supply contribute to the rebound in oil prices. According to the U.S Energy Information Administration’s March Short-Term Energy Outlook, the U.S. crude oil production will increase by 1.4 million b/d in 2018, which indicates more demand in U.S. crude oil production and expanded infrastructure.

Liu Xinxu, President of Jereh North American Business, said: "With increasingly deeper understanding and practices in North American oil and gas market, the industry demands higher intelligence and reliability than ever before. As a global solutions provider, Jereh developed cutting-edge equipment such as electric fracturing unit, turbine-driven fracturing unit, intelligent coiled tubing unit which enable us to accelerate the production toward greater efficiency and a higher level of intelligence."

At OTC 2018, Jereh showcased 2500HHP trailer mounted fracturing unit that is different with no exhaust after-treatment system for Tier 4 Final and acidizing fracturing unit, equipped with manifold allowing simultaneous delivery of various media and standby hydraulic system to provide reliable performance. Now the two equipment is working well at Permian Basin for pumping down of 260 bridge plugs. The max. working pressure is up to 8000psi. 

Jereh acidizing fracturing units worked at Permian Basin

The swivel joints on display featuring long erosion life and high safety and skid mounted electric fracturing unit designed with smaller size and lighter weight for easier transportation also attracted many visitors. The JR 5000QPN plunger pump offers dedicated solutions for shale gas jobs of large displacement, high pressure and long operating hours.

Jereh will continue to work with global partners to develop more efficient and innovative solutions for customers, making it possible to explore and produce oil and gas safely, effectively and environmentally-friendly. The solutions and products have helped more than 400 service companies worldwide enhance their production.